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The Inventory Demand Planner assists in all demand planning duties including estimating future product demand, analyzing inventory flow, and developing forecast models. Ensures adequate inventory of materials and products in accord with inventory cycles and organizational philosophy. Conducts daily inventory analysis to solve inventory issues. Develops and implements inventory control procedures, coordinates and manages physical cycle counts. Primary person responsible for establishing and enforcing policies and procedures created for keeping inventory accurate. Also forecasts internal and external demand for all inventoried items to maintain acceptable stock levels.


  1. Oversees demand planning and management processes for new and existing products and raw materials.
  2. Develops demand forecasts based on demand patterns and business trends.
  3. Develops and executes product demand plans to meet organizational goals.
  4. Provides support in developing seasonal demand forecasts and anticipates customers' reactions to the promotions and discounts.
  5. Works with Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Team and Production management to improve forecast accuracy.
  6. Maintains demand plan to ensure cost effectiveness and to meet customer demands.
  7. Assists in risk assessment and mitigation activities associated with inventory levels.
  8. Mentors and trains other Planners as needed (cross functional training required during the Demand Planner's absence).
  9. Updates Customer Service, Events, Production management and Sales & Marketing Team about product availabilities.
  10. Maintains inventory levels based on future customer demands.
  11. Addresses demand related queries and issues in a timely manner.
  12. Identifies opportunities to meet customer demands during constrained supply (i.e., reallocation of inventory based on prioritization filters when inventory levels don't support all open sales orders; works with external resources for expediting procurement).
  13. Maintains demand planning processes and systems to improve forecasting accuracy.
  14. Adheres to company rules and regulations.
  15. Monitors and reports important changes in sales forecasts, budgets, and business strategies.
  16. Conducts monthly forecast maintenance.
  17. Addresses demand-related issues in a timely and effective manner.
  18. Forecasts product demand and requests procurement of all inventory items. Coordinates with appropriate personnel for printed/procured items regarding vendor, pricing, and correct copy specs. Avoids over-ordering to reduce waste.
  19. Minimizes backordered products to a rare exception by accurately forecasting internal and external product demand.
  20. Maintains stock item master through addition of new items and changes for existing ones.
  21. Performs adjustments to inventory quantities as required.
  22. Provides periodic inventory reports and/or proposals and purchase order requests to the Director of Production and Facilities upon request.
  23. Coordinates closely with the Director of Production and Facilities to train staff for material handling proficiencies and temporary help. Corrects staff when inventory mistakes are made or processes are not followed, and re-trains when necessary.
  24. Supports the organizational leadership by actively seeking out and identifying methods to improve productivity, offer solutions, support Ministry goals and objectives by attending and being actively involved in all management meetings and training sessions.
  25. Arrives in a timely fashion to be ready and prepared to begin work at the scheduled time, including breaks and meal periods.
  26. Begins each workday by joining requisite staff prayer and Bible study, by actively participating and ensuring the same of departmental team members and leaders. Committed to the Client's Mission: Engaging people in relationship with God through knowing His Word.


  1. Professional, highly analytical, and an excellent communicator with strong verbal and written communication skills. Must display professional ethics, tact, and courtesy in dealing with employees, management, coworkers, and outside.
  2. In-depth knowledge of advanced mathematical and forecasting policies.
  3. Solid understanding of demand planning & inventory management procedures, control programs and computer software; prefer experience in Inventory Planner software. Able to apply this knowledge to current inventory situation(s).
  4. Thorough knowledge of policies and procedures of Client; ability to understand and interpret policies and procedures clearly and accurately.
  5. Working knowledge of product line, delivery time, product suppliers, order quantities, and similar data as required.
  6. Consistently accurate and very attentive to details.
  7. Proven ability to prepare professional reports regarding demand planning, inventory decisions and purchase order requests.
  8. Must possess strong time management skills to be prompt in attending meetings, returning phone calls, emails, submitting reports and completing goals.
  9. Ability to work independently and to carry out assignments to completion with minimal instructions, adhere to prescribed routines and practices, maintain records, and to make reports requiring accuracy. Always prepared to present information upon request.
  10. Must be innovative, persuasive and possess the ability to initiate and lead new programs.
  11. Must demonstrate the ability to train coworkers on inventory policies and procedures in way that they feel supported and encouraged.
  12. A team player, willing to support fulfillment of demands during peak sales seasons (all hands on deck). Willing to go the extra mile.

Bachelor's degree in business, supply chain, or other relevant fields. Minimum of 3 years' experience in a demand planning/forecasting role. Strong mathematical and statistical knowledge. APICS Certification in Production Inventory Management is a plus.

Applicants for this opportunity must have an unrestricted right to work in the United States.
[Persons in H-l, L-l, and OPT EAD status do not have unrestricted right to work.]
For immediate response please forward resumes to [email protected]

Eric Lyublinsky
Sr. IT Recruiter
(Direct) 407-205-1125
(Office) 800-360-1407

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