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Senior Technology Support Advisor (ERP / CRM / Enterprise level Systems)

  • St. Petersburg, FL
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: 21-00054

Seeking Technical Support Advisor in St Petersburg, FL


  • Seeking an experienced employee to manage the company's Technical Support and Consultancy Services for a rapidly growing list of customers and prospects. 
  • Working directly with the Customer Care Manager in servicing their single most important asset: their customers. 
  • Take part in building the customer retention program
  • Delivering technical support and consultancy services to the clients and supporting clients when they have difficulties or questions.
  • Smart customers, complex deployment scenarios and deep utilization of the company’s software will challenge you every day.
  • Part of a rapidly growing team of people working to deliver world-class services.
  • The customer care team and the CTO will take care of all your training requirements, and you will report directly to the Customer Care Manager.
  • Several times a year the selected candidate will have the opportunity to join the rest of the company’s team at conventions around the world.
  • These are typically 3-4 day trade shows meeting both existing customers, partners, and new prospects. This year they went to Phoenix, San Diego, the Hague, Bangkok, Dubrovnik.


  • Enjoy working with highly skilled and smart people.
  • You have a great sense of humor, and you love to take part in the discussions surrounding the product, the customers and potential clients.

Furthermore, you have the following characteristics:

Support skills:

  • You have probably worked or are still working as a consultant or a technical supporter in a large company but miss the feedback that comes from following each case from cradle to grave.
  • You are familiar with the Microsoft platform and you have no problem installing a server, setting up an internet server, deploying new software, resolving availability and security issues or setting up a SharePoint site. 
  • You love new technology and you probably spend your evenings working on your home network, setting up new software.

Eager helping people solve their problems:

  • You love getting the right answers to the questions, and the positive feedback you get from your clients make you happy.
  • You do not mind spending an hour solving small problems to the perfection of the client.
  • You want direct access to developers and tech resources.

You are a people person:

  • Even though you are a tech-wiz and even though almost all your communication takes place over e-mail, you really are a people person.
  • You like to interact with people.
  • You are curious in nature and it just makes your day to have engaged with people around the globe, whether it is a support, consultancy task or a remote session with a developer who needs to integrate 3rd content.

A natural in software:

  • You are great at learning new tools, systems and are well versed in the following technologies:
    • Windows Server, A/D, Azure, SharePoint, Internet Information Server.
    • You are not a programmer, but you understand the basics of programming in JavaScript.
    • You are always the “go to person” who sets up home-pages for your friends and understands HTML. 
    • You understand the basics of ERP from sales, orders, invoices to customers, general ledger.
    • You have probably had a support background in ERP.
    • You are not a tech consultant, you are not a programmer, and you are not a supporter.

One of a kind:

  • You are truly one of a kind.
  • Your joy in your work life comes from helping people do great things.
  • You do not like budgets. However, if anything inspires you, you really need to share that with everyone around you.
  • You are enthusiastic and you have a nice sounding voice and a good pace when you talk. People can feel your enthusiasm when you speak. Even over the phone.

Great English and communication skills:

  • Your English is fluent, and your vocabulary is wide and deep. You do not have to be accent-free. However, your grammar is perfect as is your pronunciation. Hopefully, you also speak German at a high level. 
  • You do not mind working in multiple time zones and on occasion doing a demo at late in the afternoon or early evening, providing that you are compensated with non-working time the next day.
  • You do not see glory in working long hours. And you demand that your workday is interesting.

 What Company Offers:

  • You will be offered plenty of challenges every day and everybody is highly skilled at their job.
  • Rapid growth, you have the possibility to grow both in technical and personal aspects.
  • A flexible workplace where they value high work-life balance for everyone.  

Applicants for this opportunity must have an unrestricted right to work in the United States.
[Persons in H-l, L-l, and OPT EAD status do not have unrestricted right to work.]

For immediate response please forward resumes to [email protected]
Eric Lyublinsky
Sr. IT Recruiter
(Direct) 407-205-1125
(Office) 800-360-1407

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