Daryl Dixon

CEO & Co-Founder

Talent & Technology Solutions

  • University: Washington Adventist University
  • Favorite Vacation Destination: Florida
  • Dream Vacation Destination: French Polynesia, Society Islands
  • Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers
  • Favorite Movie: The Sting
  • First car: VW
  • iPhone or Android: iPhone
  • Favorite Mobile App: Pandora
  • Favorite Salesforce Mascot: Saasy
  • Worst Job: School Janitor

About Daryl

Daryl is an experienced business executive, entrepreneur, leader, and manager who operates with a high degree of integrity and loyalty.

He embraces relationships with employees and clients with respect and a high sense of value. Always committed to leading organizations on a path to high-growth, he believes in supporting clients with an unyielding standard of integrity, quality and results, based in technology, supported by a work environment where employees enjoy success.

He most enjoys coaching, teaching and facilitating the development of new managers in how to problem solve, and make strong “people decisions” using critical thinking skills, analysis, and objectivity.

Outside of work, Daryl is a son, brother, father, and devoted husband. Life-Work balance is a politically correct sentiment for some, but it’s a key life value for Daryl. He’s totally in the game when at work, but walking through the doors of home, means family time and nothing else.

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