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As a leader in your organization, business is rarely far from your mind. Like us, you spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of organization you want to lead, what your values are, and who you want on your team. But how often do you think about the external organizations with which you’re aligning yourself? Do you know if these vendors align with your company values or have the right kind of expertise to serve your company well in this rapidly changing world?

Imagine that you are the owner of a company that makes widgets. The particular type of widget you manufacture requires a great deal of expertise to engineer. Your current engineer has been with your company for more than a decade, and as she leaves to pursue other opportunities, you’re looking to fill her role with someone who has the same expertise but can also engineer the widget production process to be even more streamlined than it is currently. Now that the time has come to find a new engineer, you have a long list of important qualifications and you hire one of the best staffing firms on the globe.

Unfortunately, the firm that you hired specializes in classical music. They are the best in the world when it comes to placing classical musicians into orchestras, but they’re inexperienced at finding engineering experts. By the time you realize this, you’ve wasted a great deal of time and effort and you still haven’t found your next engineer. That’s when you realize you need a recruiting firm that specializes in recruiting within the highly technical fields you need.

While this might be a humorous example, it demonstrates an issue that we frequently encounter in the recruiting world. When you’re looking to hire a technical position, you should always start with a technical recruiting company. As children, we used the phrase, “It takes one to know one” as a way to deflect incoming insults on the playground. But today, it is an effective way to describe just how powerful VALiNTRYtechnology’s position is in the technology recruiting industry. At our core, we are a technology company, and we have seen time and again, that it takes a technology company to know how to serve the technology needs of our clients. Because of our insider point-of-view and our own in-house technical expertise, we are able to bring the best technology candidates to the table for our clients.

The VALiNTRYtechnology Difference

There is no denying the fact that the world has gone digital. Where once job candidates mailed paper resumes in response to newspaper ads, now millions of potential candidates have turned to job sites to post their resumes and apply online. This has forced a transformation of the recruiting field right before our eyes. You no longer have the time to sift through piles of resumes, one by one until you find the engineer you need. You need your open position filled with a highly qualified candidate and you need that person now! At VALiNTRYtechnology, we saw an opportunity to address a technology need with a technological response. This led us to design an unmatched, proprietary recruiting system called V-FiTT. The driving force of our V-FiTT technology is automation. Professional recruiting of the past was an extremely inefficient exercise. It required employees to manually sort through resumes to parse out details that would make a candidate marketable. Sites like Monster and Dice raised the bar for the whole industry. Now, with the advent of our V-FiTT system, we are the most efficient tech recruiting firm anywhere. V-FiTT enables us to work smarter and more efficiently to find ideal candidates for our clients, and we can do it faster than the competition.

What is V-FiTT?

V-FiTT combines the power of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, real-time data analytics, and digital marketing to merge the power and reach of the world’s biggest job sites with artificial intelligence to compile candidate-related data for the roles we are tasked with recruiting. Using this data we’ve created an exclusive in-house database of roughly 4 million qualified technology candidates, with more added every single day.


Most recruiting firms employ dozens of human recruiters to sit at their desks clicking through LinkedIn pages in search of qualified leads. There’s only so much data that a single person can uncover using these outdated methods. V-FiTT, on the other hand, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for the latest matches to our job descriptions. It is solely focused on technology experts and is constantly monitoring for updates to candidates’ profiles and availability.


It’s important to mention that V-FiTT doesn’t replace the personal human touch, it enhances it. This means our recruiters spend less time searching and more time building relationships with our candidates so they can be of more service to you, the client.

VALiNTRYtechnology’s proprietary
V-FiTT Recruiting System

No Set of Qualifications Is Too Tough

Looking for a Rootstock & Salesforce developer who speaks fluent Mandarin and lives in the Albuquerque Metro area but needs to love soccer and doing charity work to fit in with your company culture? If they exist, we’ll find them! V-FiTT generates lists of pre-screened talent based on any combination of required skills, experience, and geography. Whoever you’re looking for, we can help you find them FAST, usually in 48 hours or less.


Technology staffing requires technical expertise. That’s why VALiNTRYtechnology is rated so highly versus our competition. We have earned exceptional ratings on sites like Glassdoor from our candidates and our clients have consistently ranked us 3X the industry average on our Net Promoter Scores. Clients, candidates, and employees consistently report having a great experience working with us, and we give much of that credit to the efficiency and effectiveness of our people and technology. Our expert recruiters know the industry and understand the unique technology needs of our clients. Our proprietary V-FiTT system allows us to manage multiple recruiting efforts simultaneously, and easily recalibrate to meet our clients’ changing needs.

Technology is baked into the DNA of our company. When you need to find an employee with specific technological expertise, you should work with someone who speaks that language not someone who just started recruiting because it sounded like fun. The responsibility of helping you hire the right widget engineer shouldn’t be left to a firm that doesn’t know anything about widgets or engineering just like the responsibility to hire a classically trained cellist shouldn’t fall to us. When it comes time to fill a technical role in your company, partner with a company with technical expertise and the in-house technology to get the job done right quickly and the first time like VALiNTRYtechnology.

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